What we do

We offer complete Design Services in the areas of. Acoustic Interior Design, Sound Proofing, Consultation in offering Acoustic treatment to any environment, Specifications for Acoustic treatment and Architectural 3D perspectives. Our Approach to any project is to offer end to end services from Concept to Reality.

We offer our customers the choice to choose from 4 categories of products that we have specialized to suit the budget of our customers

Home Theatre (Economy Range) -
Combination of fabricated panels and onsite customisation to suit site conditions and offer optimal NRC levels

Home Theatre (Value Range) -
Combination of fabricated panels and custom made units to provide for specific needs and tastes of the customer for higher mid level

Home Theatre (Premium Range) -
Complete custom developed product from concept to reality for the connoisseurs who look for class & detail as per their choice.

Home Theatre (Custom Design) -
Complete onsite work to suit the taste of the client and the overall theme of the environment with ambient lighting , electrical and high quality acoustic panels and fibre optic ceiling


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